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PigTV Classics

PigTV Classics episodes were produced from 1997 through 1999 and mastered in low resolution for early webcasting only. Viewing these shows requires Real Player software, which is available as a free download from Real.com.

28.8 Kbps Real Player

Viva Las Vegas 32 minutes
The first PigTV episode.  The 1997 Great Western Series and National Professional Paintball League tournaments in Las Vegas Nevada.
28.8 Kbps Real Player The 1997 World Cup - 104 minutes
The cup was a big event, and we were on-scene, resulting in an hour and 40 minutes of video coverage! So break out the popcorn for action highlights from the fields, and interviews with people from the paintball industry about new products out this year.
  • Intro and field views starting with highlights of The Family on field 3
  • Hi Viz Sights - Interview with Todd Reynolds
  • Atomic Eyeball T-Shirts
  • Focus International
  • Game Action Highlights throughout
  • DYE products including the new DYE mousepads!
  • JT products
  • Unique Pro Gear
  • WDP
  • Brass Eagle - Interview with JJ Brookshire about the Rainmaker, and Extreme Vision Goggles.
  • Game Highlights throughout
  • TNT Reffing core interview
  • Warrior Sports Gear
  • Benchmark Products including their new twist-lock barrel plug
  • The Men In Black talk about Area 51
  • KAPP - Interview with Eric Crandle about new products for this year
  • Scott Goggles - Interview with Marty Tripes - The new Bad Ass Goggles and jerseys
  • Game Highlights throughout
  • Pneu Ventures - Interview with Mary Ellen Mest, about the new Cyber 9000.
  • Interview with Jerry Braun, promoter of the World Cup
  • Mac Developments - Interview with Warrick MacMullan about the Mac compressed air systems.
  • Palmer's Pursuit Shop - Interview with Craig Palmer about the Blazer.
  • Traumahead Sports - Interview with Jeff. Traumahead produces video tapes of NPPL events and has been sharing highlights via PigTV.
  • Mustang Paintball - Interview with Jeff Manger about the 1998 Mustang scenario game series
  • Smart Parts - Interview with Bill Gardner Jr. about the new shocker Sport 4x4, including shooting it at full auto.
  • Viewloader - Interview with "Tex" - the new Revolution agitating loader
  • The Closing Ceremonies
  • Thanks to tournament and series sponsors.
    • Note: For those who don't know why Dan Colby of Air America is unhappy, here's the scoop. The American Paintball League, had only very recently agreed to allow 4500 psi systems on APL insured fields (the APL insured the World Cup). The agreement allows both Paintball Mania and Air America 4500 psi systems to be used, as both companies have indemnified the APL with their manufacturer's insurance. The APL also provided the compressed air fills for the World Cup. The continued position of the APL has been that 4500 psi systems should use different fill connections than 3000 psi systems to prevent accidental overfilling of the low pressure systems (which would rupture the safety disk). Air America uses one fill nipple for both, while Paintball Mania uses separate styles. At the World Cup, the APL would not fill Air America 4500 psi systems unless they had and adaptor attached to allow them to use the 4500 psi Paintball Mania style connection. These adaptors were being sold for approximately $19. Many players were upset by this as the vast majority were using Air America systems. Many commented that the safety argument did not hold water, as the PMS adaptor could be attached to a 3000psi or 4500 psi system causing the same dangers. In prior events, where Air America has provided the fills, they have filled both Air America and PMS systems, with no additional costs.
    Awards for 3-1st place in each division
28.8 Kbps Real Player

Summer in the Sunshine State - 1997   20 minutes

  • Without Remorse - A Wayne Dollack 24 hour scenario game in Ocalla Florida. A look around the field, including a LAW rocket in action, and a jail cell interview with Ken "Hollywood" Gilder. If you've not seen scenario paintball before, check it out, it's a whole other game.
  • Introducing the Air America Genesis booster pump system from Air America. Now lower pressure compressed air and nitrogen can be used to fill 3,000 and 4,500 psi systems at a fraction of the cost of the higher pressure compressors!
  • The All Star Paintball Challenge. What happens when you take the top 70 graduating high school football players from theUS Amateur Sports All American Bowl out for a day of paintball? We found out.
28.8 Kbps Real Player
    I left my paint in San Francisco 31 minutes
    • The 1997 San Francisco Great Western Series tournament. Our cameras catch the action on the fields, and at the award ceremonies. 
    • Bill Gardner Jr., captain of the All Americans, and president of Smart Parts, gives us a look at the Shocker electro-pneumatic paintgun, video courtesy of Traumahead Sports 1997 Pittsburgh NPPL coverage.
    • On-field action at the 1997 Pittsburgh NPPL tournament - Traumaheads' cameras catch the happenings in the 10 man pro games. This segment and the others from Traumahead are excerpts from their 1997 Pittsburgh tape. In addition to a lot more game footage backed by hard driving music, their Pittsburgh tape includes an interview with 2-E while he's getting a tatoo, a Smart Parts factory tour, Bob Long showing his new Delta Defiant paintgun, player interviews and more. To see the stuff they've sent us for PigTV in full screen real video, and the rest of their cool stuff, give them a call and order the tape! or watch it on cable tv in some areas.  See www.corin.com/trauma for more information. They have tapes in both NTSC (North America) and PAL (most of Europe) video formats.
    • Jeff from Traumahead interviews Chuck Hendch, player for the All Americans, and the Sales and Marketing Manager from RP Scherer.
    • Closing ceremonies at the Pittsburgh 1997 NPPL Tournament. Including the announcement from NPPL president Tom Cole that two teams were being penalized for game fixing!
28.8 Kbps Real Player Expo - 9720 minutes
  • Practice with the Ironmen. What do the pros do to practice? Follow the Ironmen through their first practice session of 1997 to find out.
  • Light up the night with Tracerball, the glow in the dark night time tracer. Video footage courtesy RTC International.
  • The Paintball Industry Conferences. An excellent resource for paintball field and store operators. in the late 1990s.
  • Interview with Jessica Sparks, former editor of Action Pursuit Games, and founding member of the IPPA. This interview is a part of "Paintball Check It Out!", a half hour video aimed at introducing the public to the sport of paintball. You can get a copy of the video on VHS fo $8.00, or on 3/4" industrial tape, with clearance to air it on your local public access cable channel, to help inform the public in your area. For more information, call Dave Serosky at 714-454-7153.

  • Li'l Rascall's paintball expo. Li'l Rascall's paintball introduced thousands of people to the sport of paintball at the 1997 KSEE 24 Sports and Leisure Expo on 1997.
28.8 Kbps Real Player 1998 Indoor Nationals24 minutes
The Splat 1 Indoor National tournament in Harriman Tennessee.  Catch the first tournament appearance of Team Internet!
28.8 Kbp Real Player 1998 Zap International Masters19 minutes
Jim Lively brought back the Masters tournament in 1998, don't miss this episode in which Hayes Noel recounts his involvement in the very first game of paintball ever played!
28.8 Kbps Real Player GWS Portland 9820 minutes
Get a sneak peak at the fields that will host the 1998 Portland NPPL, during the 1998 Portland Great Western Series tournament at Enchanted Acres Paintball in Scapoose Oregon.
28.8 Kbps Real Player 1998 Zap International Amateur Open   65 minutes
  • Keynote speaker Dr. Kevin Elko motivates players before the tournament.
  • Look through the vendor's tent at the world's largest annual paintball trade show located amidst the fields of the Amateur Open.
  • Check out the action on the wooded Pennsylvania fields.
  • Bruce Gillette of Air Star introduces the Nova 700 paintgun.  Evan Money makes a surprise appearance with "Karate Bear."
  • Cleo Fogal talks about the Skirmish Whitewater photography service.  What started as player photos for a local field grew to a traveling crew taking player pictures at tournaments around the world both to sell to players at the event, and for numerous paintball magazines.
  • Dennis Tippmann Jr. Introduces the Tippmann Model 98.
  • 3 on 3 action dominates the speedball court

  • Awards, and fun at the player's party.
28.8 Kbps Real Player Challenge Cup 199844 minutes
7 player arena style paintball in Joliet Memorial Stadium, Joliet, IL. Some of the best game footage on PigTV yet, PigTV's first aerial footage (thanks to pilot Bill Cookston), and new adjustments to the video compression for a clearer picture, still viewable via 28.8 modem connection. Also, get a look at the Challenge Park Chicago field, and Challenge Games store.
28.8 Kbps Real Player SKYBALL!  32 minutes
Skyball was an exciting 5 player format tournament in the Toronto Skydome. Watch both episodes for games, a look at REDZ Comfort packs and knee pads, an interview with paintball rapper "Dizman", and more.
56 Kbps Real Player

1999 Zap Masters Run Time 12 min.

  • Mike Cassady of Component Concepts introduces the show and things get going with Stock Class games
  • Collegiate Showdown: US Army Academy team vs. University of Cincinati Bearcats
  • Legion of Doom vs IronKids
  • Team Shooters vs Ultra Ego

  • Outtakes
56Kbps Real Player

Show Summary - Run Time 20 min.

  • Southern California band, 4 O'clock Friday brings in the show with a taste of the tournament's carnival atmosphere and a performance from the Paintball Junkies / New Line tent.
  • Rage vs. Thunderstruck
  • Avalanche vs. OBR
  • Fury vs. Lockout
  • B&E Paintball vs. Fusion
  • Awards Ceremony: Avalanche wins season, Aftershock wins cup

  • Outtakes: Dawn from WARPIG and "Bon Bon" from JT fly the Skycoaster
56Kbps Real Player

1999 Great Western Series Finals - Oahu, HI - Run Time 23 min.

  • Chuckie of Team Sitting Ducks brings in the show with action from the fields and the luau sponsored by Stealth Paintballs - don't miss Mike Cassady of Components concepts shaking it on the dance floor.
  • Ronin vs Storm -  5 man on the Diablo Sup'Air field.
  • Urban Quest takes on Damage in 5 man on the banyon field.  All of the tall slender trunks tie together into one massive tree that dominates the field.
  • Combat Crew vs Ronin in Stock Class.
  • Jester from Southern California and Florida plays KAPP from Northern California on the Sup'Air field.
  • The Family plays The Ironkids on the Sup'Air field.

  • KAPP vs. Mad Dawg on the banyan field.
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